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Cross Pattern Cold Laminating Film

Cross Pattern Cold Laminating Film

Foggy Film
Minimum Order:N/A

Product Description

Material: PVC
Type: Adhesive Film
Usage: Packaging Film
Name: PVC cold lamination film(glossy)

1.PVC cold lamination film is laminated on advertising
material for the protection of picture;
2.Surface: glossy
3.Base paper: Write
4.PVC thickness: 8C
5.Back weight: 220g

Product Feature

H-2802 models of cold laminating film is also known as flat fog film, and some staff also known as dumb film, is a surface transparent and with a very fine sense of hazy fog film. The membrane used in the photos, graphics and other publications on the surface, play a role in protection, over film, the appreciation of the picture is like a layer of mist gently separated from the pattern photo, so that even more have nice photos. 2802 film, due to the surface through a number of super-fine sand composition, and in the same super-fine sand on the surface, generally the naked eye can not see any non-smooth sense of touch, when, or feel there is any rough feeling, but a bit smooth sense.

Product Specification / Models

25"\36"\42"\50"\54"\60" * 34y in rolls

Application / Models

To protect the pictures, photos or advertising materials or books etc.

Other Information

Minimum Order :3,000M
Delivery Way - Date of Delivery :14days

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