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Black and white photo paper
May 28, 2018

Blackwhite paper is used for black and white printing. Divided into contact printing (smooth photographic printing paper) and magnification (silver brominated silver printing paper and silver bromide photo paper). Depending on the contrast. Classification hard tone, midtone and so on. Surface gloss paper is usually used. In the case of large-scale enlargement, there are semi-glossy papers (also with fine-grained surfaces and silk-like surfaces), and depending on the application, there are matte prints. In the thickness of the paper, there are thin, thick, medium thickness, thin (copy) and so on. In terms of size, in addition to amateur photographers using 6*4 inches, there are still papers and other large-format, automatic film printers for the exhibition.


Traditional “paper fiber” fiber-based paper (paper-based paper) or “paper-based paper”, which is applied to traditional pulp fibers, has the highest image quality and timeless characteristics (abbreviated as FB photo paper ).

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