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Boeing film
Nov 15, 2018

       Boeing film can be divided into wood grain, plain color, pearl light, marble, gold and silver wire drawing, PVC printing paste according to different patterns. There are two kinds of adhesives: no back and no glue. Thickness can be from: 0.08MM to 0.60MM for you select.


        First,Boeing film is a kind of film, its advantages are relatively wear-resistant, heat-resistant, flame-retardant, acid and alkali resistant, oil-proof, fireproof, easy to clean, cheap, compared with nature, with no color difference, simple construction, With the characteristics of self-adhesive, the physical surface treated with Boeing film can be scrubbed for a long time to keep the surface clean. Therefore, Boeing film is the most ideal surface treatment material for interior and exterior decoration, ship, car and airplane.


       Second,Boeing film is a new type of environmentally friendly product. It is characterized by strong wood-like texture, which can replace high-quality logs. At the same time, it is chemically contaminated because it does not need paint. It avoids the discomfort caused by traditional decoration and brings home decoration. The various odors, which keep people away from pollution and easy to stay, will surely become the best substitute for wood; when it is covered on artificial boards, it can effectively suppress the volatilization of harmful substances in the board, and the rough feeling of the surface of the board is After being processed by Boeing film, it will be easy to store any soft fabric.


       Third,The Boeing film is printed with abrasion-resistant ink and the surface is covered with a protective film that will not be legged and will not be scraped off. In the construction process, after the Boeing film is attached, it can be planed, trimmed, sawed, and the Boeing film is intact. After the decoration of the Boeing film, the plate can be made into furniture, speakers, mirror cabinets, plastic gussets, plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, handrails. It has beautiful texture, natural and comfortable sensory enjoyment, and the natural effect is deeply favored by the designers and decoration masters in the industry. More importantly, it has won the praise of users and will replace the metal in the future. , interior materials such as plates have become the new darling of the decoration industry. The various layouts of the market have similar colors and fancy. Customers can choose according to their own preferences, and the width is 1.22 meters and the size of 22 is basically the same.


        PVC wallpaper Plastic wallpaper is a kind of wall decoration material made of certain materials as the base material, which is coated on the surface and then printed, embossed or foamed.

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