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Color photo paper
May 28, 2018

Color paper refers to photo paper for color printing. There are negative-use color photographic papers produced by various manufacturers, and positive-use

Ekta Colom Photo Paper, Cheba Krom Meet. The structure of the negative-use color paper is similar to that of a color negative film, but the type is not as good as black and white paper. Color photographic paper is a plastic coated color photo paper designed for printing digital images and traditional negatives of various digital minilabs. The photographs printed with the RA-4 process or similar process and compatible kits are colorful and rich in levels. It applies to both traditional Minilabs and Digital Minilabs.

Color paper is a real silver halide paper. Because of its optimization of short exposure times in digital applications, images made with it can reduce text (image) flash, and its better color reproduction is unmatched by traditional silver halide photo paper in digital applications. Although it can be used in some optical printing, it is not designed for optical exposure.

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