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Inkjet printing photo paper
May 28, 2018

Ink-jet printing paper is an ink-jet printer nozzle that ejects ink on the receiver and records images or text thereon. Its basic characteristics are fast ink absorption and non-diffusion of ink droplets. Specific requirements: 1 has good recordability, strong ink absorption, fast ink absorption, small droplet diameter, shape is similar to round; 2 recording speed, that is, high density, continuous tone, clear picture; 3 good preservation , The screen has a certain degree of water resistance, light resistance, a certain degree of preservation and fastness in the indoor or outdoor; 4 coating has a certain degree of fastness and strength, the coating is not easy to scratch, no static electricity, there is a certain degree of smoothness, bending resistance, Breaking resistance.

Inkjet printing photographic paper according to its characteristics are divided into: 1. Cast coating class: the use of micron-scale silica technology, brightness and brightness can reach the level of traditional photographic paper, but the paper-based paper-based paper; 2. Expansion category: The polyene (PVA) material is mainly used to form the Peng Run shape coating on the base paper; 3. Microporous technology class: The RC coating paper is made of silica technology, and the inorganic-organic composite particle ink is formed immediately after being printed. The honeycomb-like micropore absorption is called microporous photo paper. The paper base adopts the same paper base as the traditional photographic paper. On both sides of the base paper, a waterproof PE coating is called RC waterproof paper.

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