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Photo paper main classification
May 28, 2018

Silver salt photo paper

Silver salt printing photographic paper is the traditional sense of photographic paper, with a certain wet strength, acid and alkali thick paper, high stiffness, bending degree. The paper is coated with a photosensitive emulsion, and it is imaged after exposure to light and chemicals, and its image can be maintained for a long time. After applying a photographic emulsion made of gelatin and a silver halide on a smashed paper made by uniformly coating a layer of a coating of barium sulfate and alum adhesive on a high quality photographic base paper, Apply a protective film to the emulsion coating. By changing the ratio of silver halide and gelatin in the emulsion, controlling the aging conditions and adding sensitizing dyes, etc., photographic papers with different sensitivities were obtained. According to the different kinds of sensitizers in the coating emulsion, it is divided into different types of printing paper. For example, the monochromatic printing paper includes a slow-sensitized printing paper (mainly silver chloride), bromine printing paper (mainly silver bromide), and chlorobromo printing paper (silver bromide and silver chloride). Wait. The color printing paper is made by laminating three photochromic silver salt emulsions on a base paper or a floor paper.

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