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Photographic Paper
Oct 30, 2018

         Brief history

       Since the invention of photography by Niepus of France in 1824 and William Henry Fox Talbot of England in 1841, the application of photographic paper has begun. The application of photographic paper is very common today.


       Basic structure

       Photo paper is divided into four to five layers:

       The basis of the paper base is a fiber paper base that meets a quality standard. The paper base must be white in color, uniform in texture, and not easily deformed. Paper bases have different thickness standards.

       Oxide layer. A thin layer of yttrium oxide is applied to the photographic paper base to fill the small defects of the photographic paper base and increase the whiteness of the photographic paper.

       A photographic paper having a resin layer is further provided with a polyethylene resin layer on the ruthenium oxide layer to prevent chemical liquid from entering the paper base when the photographic paper is washed. A photographic paper without a polyethylene resin layer is referred to as a paper-based photographic paper, and a photographic paper having a polyethylene resin layer is referred to as a coated photographic paper.


       Emulsion layer

       Photo paper surface protective layer.

       Long-term preservation of photographic paper

       The life of any photographic paper depends on the storage environment and the level of sophistication.


       Fibre-based black-and-white Photographic Paper that has been processed archivally (Archival Processing) is considered archivally "stable" and should last at least 70 years. Because of its multi-layer structure, the plastic coated photographic paper is easy to be stored for a long time because of different levels of water absorption and thermal expansion rate, which is generally considered to be less than 40 years. Individual special image processes, under the premise of proper handling, are more preserved than paper-based paper due to their inherent stability.

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