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Printing photo paper
May 28, 2018

Printing photographic paper is the substrate for digital printing. Its surface has a good affinity with electronic ink, which can firmly fix the electronic ink on the surface of the substrate. In addition, the printing photographic paper has better waterproof and anti-blocking properties. After printing, the image has sufficient reflection density. Printing photographic papers are divided into three categories according to their surface characteristics, namely: 1. Double-sided fine velcro digital printing photographic paper, smooth and delicate printing effect, double-sided printing, mainly used for high-quality image output applications such as photo albums and photo books field. 2. Hanrong digital printing photographic paper, printing image soft, generally used for high-end image output, such as landscape photography works, art photography and other applications. 3. Pearlescent digital printing photographic paper, with excellent pearlescent effect, reflects the elegant and glittering texture. It is mainly used for the output of high-quality portraits, product brochures, creative works and high-grade album production.

Digital printing photo paper is currently in the global scope, only three countries can produce the manufacturers, respectively, Germany's Gulou, Japan's Mitsubishi and China's Lucky, of which the oldest building in Germany the earliest, the most mature technology.

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