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Pvc wallboard installation method
May 28, 2018

1, the level of bullets to ensure the same as the gypsum board ceiling installation, aluminum buckle ceiling installation first also need to ensure the level of elastic. Generally, according to the horizontal line of the floor elevation, the elevation vector of the ruler is used to design the elevation of the ceiling, the top plate is used to play the position line of the keel, and the horizontal line of the elevation of the ceiling is played on the wall surface.

2. After the main keel boom is installed at the elevation level of the ceiling and the main keel position line, the elevation of the lower end of the boom is determined. According to the position of the main keel and the spacing between the hangers, the one end of the suspension rod without bolts is fixed on the end with bolts. Under the floor.

3, install the main and secondary keel fitted with a suspender nut, in the main keel pre-signal hanging pieces, the assembled main hanger keel, according to the stall line position so that the pendant into the corresponding boom bolt, screwed screw.

4, top installation of PVC wood plastic wallboard, general PVC wood plastic wallboard in the installation process, from the top of the installation, cutting the material must be made in the process of cutting straight burr-free surface, the higher the speed of cutting saws, burrs less. Measure the size must be between 2mm error, otherwise it will cause patchwork very neat.

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