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PVC wood grain decorative film has a problem of color difference how to do?
Nov 30, 2018

       Regarding the phenomenon of color difference of different batches of PVC wood grain decorative pieces, I believe that many people who use it frequently notice that there are color differences in different batches of products, then you want to know what causes this? Look at the manufacturer's explanation below.

       In general terms, because of some external factors such as room temperature, humidity, etc., some internal factors of different batches of PVC wood grain decorative sheets with color difference operation, raw materials, etc. are all changing, so to be consistent It is very difficult.

       First of all, the PVC wood grain decorative sheet manufacturers purchase raw materials to have different batches of products with a fixed color difference. Paste resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, other additives, to choose a fixed supplier, and require different batches of PVC wood grain decorative sheet to have a color difference supplier for each batch of goods, the quality is stable.

       Furthermore, the control of the stretch film blow molding machine or the calender should be regular, and different batches of PVC wood grain decorative sheets have a color difference routine, and can be slightly adjusted according to seasonal changes.

       Then, if the PVC wood grain decorative sheet manufacturer wants to strictly control the quality, it cannot use the unrecognizable return material. I tell you a lot of types, and there are many types of colors. There are no side effects on people's bodies, and they are waterproof, fireproof, bright and not faded. They are suitable for all kinds of decorative surfaces. I hope that I can help you through the above brief introduction. If you have any other questions, please feel free to consult our company.

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