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The structure of RC paper and FB paper is different
May 28, 2018

The so-called FB, which is a kind of photo paper used in black and white photography, is generally called paper-based photo paper. FB, short for Fiber-Base. The so-called RC is also directly referred to as RC. It is an abbreviation of in-Coated.

In the past, photographic papers mostly used FBs. In contrast, the newer C-phase papers developed by Kodak Company were popular, but they were questioned more. This questioning is manifested in two aspects. On the one hand, it is a preservation performance. It is believed that the preservation of RC is worse than that of FB. On the other hand, it is the suspicion of RC photo paper in image performance. It is believed that RC is not FB and cannot fully represent the tone of the image.

Photographic paper, basically, can have only two layers of structure. One is a silver salt emulsion layer that can be sensitive to light and shade, and the other is a substrate that is used to load silver salt images. Usually, it is paper base, which we call Paper Base.

The "blackness" of the image is represented by the concentration of silver particles, and the denser the silver particles, the darker it becomes. The “whiteness” of the image, in fact, is that there is absolutely no silver particles attached to it, which is the paper-based part. Therefore, the color of the paper base determines the performance of this photo paper on the "white" color; how white the paper itself is, and how much "white" the image can represent.

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