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What are the advantages of PVC wood grain decorative film?
Nov 30, 2018

        The PVC wood grain decorative piece is a composite product which is carved from a smooth building material, which is calcined at a high temperature and then taken out from the machine. Decorative films are also produced in this way. The benefits of both products are that they are all non-polluting and do not emit any toxic gases. And it is suitable for long-term preservation, and the color is very large.

        What are the advantages of PVC wood grain decorative film?

        Product features: high simulation, variety is very complete, color difference is not large, can also be secondary processing. The picture is bright and clear, the color is very stable, it does not fade; the moisture resistance is good, and the place can be placed for a long time in a humid place; there is no toxin inside, it is environmentally clean, and the price is low.

        Because it does not fade, it does not require paint during construction, and it is easy to operate. It shortens the construction period and reduces the cost, especially the pollution-free smell of paint, which is very beneficial to interior decoration and furniture production. I hope that I can help you through the above brief introduction. If you have any other questions, please feel free to consult our company.

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