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Cold Film Mounting
May 28, 2018

1. Mounting diagram (less than 1.5 meters in length)

The cold lamination film (should be slightly larger than the figure) is pressed between the two axes (the film is down, the release paper is on the bottom), the front end of the cold laminator is pressed by two axes, the film and the release paper Separately, the film is pulled toward the back of the machine and wrapped around the upper roller. The release paper is laid flat on the front work panel. Near the axis, press the release paper by hand to separate the film from the release paper as far as possible. The figure is placed on the isolating paper, with the hand flattened from the middle of the upper part of the figure to the two sides, and the machine is rotated to evenly press the figure into the two rollers. Do not push only the sides of the drawing inwards. Do not pay attention to the front of the drawing and press it into the shaft in parallel. Otherwise, the part that is pressed into the shaft will gradually wrinkle and cause failure. If you do not know that the picture will be pressed parallel into the shaft, you can use 1 cm wide double-sided adhesive tape (length 2-3 cm) divided into three to four points to the front of the figure and the release paper stick together, pay attention to sticky should be sticky Stay in the middle and gradually paste it on both sides

2. Mounting large map (1.5 meters or more in length)

When mounting the chart above 1.5 meters, the most important thing is to prevent the figure and the film from deflecting. The parts that have just been pressed into the shaft are not too small, and they can go through thousands of miles when passing a length.