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Cold Film Treatment
May 28, 2018

When there is a feeling of "haze" on a large area of the screen:

1. Insufficient film pressure - adjust the pressure of the cold heading machine;

2. The two ends of the cold laminating machine are not flat—Adjust the adjusting screws of the cold laminator pitch to achieve equal distance;

3. Photo paper - photo paper surface is not smooth, usually around 25 degrees, place 2-3 hours will automatically disappear, the higher the temperature will disappear faster;

4. PP-adhesive----A. Hand-touch PP-adhesive If there is no "roughness", then it should be treated according to the above method. B. There is a sense of "roughness" that requires more PP adhesive;

5. Adhesive viscosity is not good at low temperatures - A. Improve the use of ambient temperature. B. Replace the cold film